Angela DeMontigny, Rachelle White Wind & Jason Baerg

The ᓇᑲᐦᐯᐦᐊᐣ (West Wind) Collection launches Ayimach Lodge, a new partnership that supports the intentions and purpose of the Ayimach Horizons and Lodge Brands. The Lodge is a powerful symbol of the Cree way of life, representing the spiritual and practical aspects of the culture and our deep connection to the land. The term “ayimach” is a Cree word that means “the way forward” or “the path ahead,” and “horizons” refers to the future or the possibilities that lie ahead. In this context, “Ayimach Horizons” represents a vision of Indigenous self-determination and the reclamation of cultural practices and knowledge that have been suppressed or lost through colonialism, forced assimilation, and other forms of oppression. It is a vision of a future where Indigenous peoples have regained control over their lands and resources and where their voices and perspectives are heard and respected.

This Ayimach Lodge Collective leverages the cultural knowledge, creatives and professional experiences of Angela DeMontigny (Cree/Metis), Rachelle White Wind (Ojibway/Cree) and Jason Baerg (Cree/Metis). We unite with long term commitment to build a sophisticated, creative and culturally infused sustainable enterprise. We also commit to supporting each other and our communities through this work.