Loren Aragon

Loren Aragon of “Towering Stone” is a Native American fashion designer and multimedia artist. He grew up on the Acoma reservation surrounded by family, art and traditions. Aragon was influenced by pottery made by his grandmothers, garments by his aunt and jewelry made by his uncle. His mother was especially influential on his artistic journey as she was an artist, a seamstress, and educator.

In 2016 Aragon co-founded ACONAV, a fashion brand based in Phoenix, AZ celebrating the strength and empowerment of all women. Under the ACONAV brand, Aragon has showcased collections, culturally fueled by the traditional pottery art and shareable beliefs of the Acoma Pueblo culture. Under his new menswear label of Towering Stone, Aragon continues pushing creations fueled by his Acoma heritage with designs structured to embody cultural strength and bold resilience.