Sage Goodleaf-Labelle

She:kon!! My name is Karahkwinetha Sage Goodleaf-Labelle. I am a deadly mixture of Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) and Pueblo blood. I am a member of the Bear Clan and was born and raised in Kahnawake. 

I am currently completing my degrees in Neuroscience and Psychology at McGill University. I am also eager to apply to McGill Law School in the coming year. The end goal is to understand and dismantle the colonial system while making space for a new form of relationship to emerge while respecting our tradition of nation-to-nation relationship. 

The Indigenous fashion and modeling community is unbelievable. Being a part of a group that understands how much work goes into each garment and how every bead, stitch, and ribbon has a meaning is amazing. It’s indescribable to be able to wear fashion that represents our own community, and I’m incredibly honored to be a part of such a powerful and inspiring group. 

Photographer: Tira Howard
Designer: Patricia Michaels