Ashton Pemapanik Dunkley

Ashton Pemapanik Dunkley is a proud Afro-Indigenous model and Ph.D. candidate whose ancestors come from the island of Jamaica & the Nanticoke and Lenape Nations of Lenapehoking (the tidewater region currently known as Delaware & New Jersey). Ashton works to uplift the histories, presences, and futures of hers and other Mid-Atlantic tribal nations, whose powerful stories have often been overlooked and erased throughout the historical record and public memory. She is so grateful to the SWAIA community for being a space where she can be proudly, beautifully Black & Native—standing even taller in the creations of so many spectacular Indigenous artists. 

Photographer: Tira Howard
Designer (Photo 1): Himikalas Pamela Baker
Designer (Photos 2 & 3): Jamie Okuma