Evelyn Mikayla Martin

Evelyn Mikayla Martin (Itsooaakii) from the Blackfeet Nation of Montana graduated with honors from the University of Washington’s Bachelor of Arts Program in American Indian Studies. Mikayla is a visual artist and curator whose work primarily consists of acrylic on canvas self-portraits and highlights the complexities of engaging in ancient cultural practices as a Blackfeet woman in 2023. Mikayla curated the first all Blackfoot art exhibition to take place in Calgary, Alberta. Her curatorial project titled Ii’pait’aapiiyisinn: Art in the Contemporary and Ancient Blackfoot Way of Life debuted at Stride Gallery in March 2023. Mikayla is an art educator who works with Indigenous women, girls and youth in her workshops to encourage participants to center their cultural identities and healing through visual arts. She creates acclaimed vibrant self-portraits, billboards and projects of reclamation. 

Photographer: Tira Howard
Designer: MOBILIZE