Kenya Wilson

I’m Kenya, an active-duty Air Force member and fashion model who grew up in the state of Maryland. My passion for fashion started when I was a little girl, but my family couldn’t afford it. Fashion allowed me to express myself in a way that was wordless. In 2019, at the age of 24, I walked in my very first fashion show: Texas International Fashion Week in El Paso, Texas. I’ve become more and more fond of fashion ever since. I entered a contract in San Antonio, Texas, with the Avant Agency in 2021. I walked in several runway shows including Trufashion, San Antonio, TX (2021); Moroccan Rooftop Show, San Antonio, TX (2021); Untamable, San Antonio, TX (2022); The Model Experience, Los Angeles, California (2022) and SWAIA Indigenous Fashion Show, Santa Fe NM (2023). I love to participate in commercial and creative photoshoots. As I continue to inspire others, I am growing in confidence and competence.

Photographer (Photo 1): Tira Howard
Photographer (Photos 2 & 3): The Model Experience
Designer (Photo 1): Jontay Kahm