Talaysay Campo

I chen tl’ik (Good day), my name is Talaysay Campo. I’m from the West Coast and am a proud member of the Sechelt and Squamish Nation. I’m signed with Supernaturals Modelling Agency, which is the first Indigenous modeling agency here in Canada!

Growing up, I was a tomboy, but there was always a part of me that loved reading fashion magazines at the grocery store when in line with my mom. I was amazed and inspired by the designs and trends of the seasons; I think that’s where my love for this industry started. Now, looking at where I am today, walking and representing my peoples’ traditions, I know where I belong. You always win when you move with love and pure intentions.

On this journey of mine, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Indigenous designers such as Himikalas Pamela Baker, Yolonda Skelton, Catherine Blackburn, Jason Baerg, Aylelum, Justin Jacob Louis and corporate campaigns such as Roots, LuluLemon and Arc’teryx.

I’m grateful to tell my story. Who would have thought this rez chick from a little town on the Sunshine Coast, who was obsessed with Batman and only wore gumboots, would be here? Our generation has inherited this mountain in order to show others that it can be moved.

I’m not self made.

I’m community made.

I’m family made.

I’m ancestor made.


Huy chexw,

Talaysay An Campo


Photographer: Tira Howard
Designer (Photo 1): Yolonda Skelton
Designer (Photo 2): Himikalas Pamela Baker
Designer(s) (Photo 3): Catherine Blackburn x Melanie LeBlanc